Daydreamers at work.


La Maison du Père Noël

Winter has arrived! To get in the mood, we created the decors of a few rooms in the largest Santa house in Europe (La Maison du Père Noël) and heartwarming cottages for the Christmas market in St-Maur-des-Fossés. Do you happen to be near Paris or are you looking for a nice trip? Then these attractions are definitely worth a visit!

Plopsa Coo Shops

After we built the 'Suske & Wiske ride' in Plopsa Station (Antwerp), we started building the biggest Plopsa shop in Belgium in Plopsa Coo. And if that wasn't enough, we also provided the small shop with a completely new interior.

We produced the closets, shopping windows, check-out desks, outdoor signing and turned the entire shops into the Plopsa worthy experiences.

The Magic Bridge

Starting from an idea from the artist Lousa And The Yakuza for Silversquare, we were contacted to do the full production and placement of The Magic Bridge. A 30 meters long bridge made out of custom shaped flowers, mushrooms and many more fantasy decorations. Our Eye-Opener® team of freelancers and own staff worked 7/7 for a few months to get it all produced and finished.

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