Theme Parks

Attractions and experience worlds can only come to life with the right decors. We have already built brand-new shops and decor sets for Plopsa, Bellewaerde, Tropical Islands, Kongeparken, Le PAL, Bobbejaanland and many more! Wood, metal, painting, shaping or coating works for indoor and outdoor projects. Eye-Opener® offers everything you need to make your ideas come to life. Looking for a suitable partner for the development of a new attraction or experience? Contact us via our contact form or directly at

Outdoor Theme Park Theming

Bellewaerde - Mundo Amazonia

Bellewaerde recently launched 'Mundo Amazonia' and we created the sets and theming for the brand new themed area!

Outdoor Theme Park Theming

Le Pal | Fjord Explorer

LE PAL recently launched the new Fjord Explorer and we took care of the overall theming of the attraction, such as the queues and the lighthouse.

Indoor theming & decor

Tropical Islands | Ohana Town

We started 2024 with a big project for Tropical Islands (Germany) together with KCC Entertainment Design! All set pieces were transported by big transport to Berlin where our team carried out the complete installation. 🌴

Indoor Theming

Plopsa Coo Shops

After we built the 'Suske & Wiske ride' in Plopsa Station (Antwerp), we started building the biggest Plopsa shop in Belgium in Plopsa Coo. And if that wasn't enough, we also provided the small shop with a completely new interior. We produced the closets, shopping windows, check-out desks, outdoor signing and turned the entire shops into the Plopsa worthy experiences.

Indoor Theming

Le PAL Champi'folies - Family Attraction

We built the sets for the brand new darkride Champi'folies in Le PAL (France). Board one of the 6-seaters and measure your skills in a fierce battle with countless funny mushrooms. An adventure for the whole family!

Indoor Theming

Plopsa Station | Suske & Wiske Ride

We produced and placed the complete interior of the Plopsa Station attraction 'Suske en Wiske: De Razende Race'. An attraction for young and old finished down to the finest details such as the Vegetable Juice gas station all in racing style.

Outdoor Theming

Kongeparken RASET | Disk’o Coaster

Norwegian amusement park Kongeparken has opened a new unique attraction: RASET. We were asked to dress the entire attraction with decorative wooden elements in the TNT/mine theme. We built 44 TNT crates, a broken down train track and a lot more matching structures and signage.

Outdoor Theming

Bobbejaanland Theme Signing

The Musicians' House has found its home in this beautiful garden. Fully custom designed and personalized down to the smallest details. Step into this unique caravan and let yourself be carried away by the most beautiful melodies while you're preparing something delicious food with the provided spices!
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